Daylight Spaces 2014 International Architectural and Design Competition

Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in LIGHT.

Le Corbusier

The merging of different aspects of high quality architecture in sustainable building structures is the primary goal of teaching and research activities at the Department of Building and Environment. Here, daylight is a key factor in the architectural design. To highlight the special importance of natural light on architectural qualities, the Department for Building and Environment announces the competition “Daylight Spaces” for the fourth time.

Until the economic production of artificial lighting systems daylight was of supreme importance for the utilisation of buildings and determining element for special design. Therefore, architectural interventions on existing and historical buildings and design strategies for optimized natural light entries and high levels of daylight autonomy are in the focus of interests.

The planning, discovery, observation, analysis or evaluation of an efficient way to improve the daylighting of buildings is the topic of the competition “Daylight Spaces” and ought to contribute to the awareness of the designing with daylight. Outstanding examples with highest demands on utilization-qualities can be shown as well as daylight-sensitive everyday architecture.

Task and Assessment Criteria
Submitted architectural projects should show a sensitive, unusual, new or unexpected use of natural light.
Thereby the added value of daylight-sensitive planning strategies on the usability of spaces should be high-lighted

Participants can take inspiration from the following aspects:
– Planning according to and with the course of the sun
Building position and orientation in the light
– Light guidance
Surface design, opening and space geometries
– Controlling light
Optimization of the light entry through the building while providing shading
– Light and comfort
Daylight as a source of visual comfort in the indoor environment
– Light, colors and materials
Spatial design by materials and color selection
– Daylight and energy saving
Integration of solar radiation entries as a source of energy efficiency
– Self chosen, light-relevant aspects

Demands on the Submitted Works
Submitted projects or concepts are designed by the submitters or discovered by them.
The submitted projects are built.
A concise, illustrated analysis highlights the influence of natural light on the spatial quality of the project shown.
The illustration of the daylight-planning added value can be done by photos, drawings, sketches, films, collages etc.
Essential is to present the particularity of the light situation shown in a comprehensible way.

Daylight Spaces is aimed at architects, artists and other professionals dealing with construction-related as well as advanced students from all around the world.
Entries should be the work of individuals or project teams {Prizes will be assigned to a max. of two representatives per team}
The copyright of the submitted projects and concepts remains with the participants. Images of entries submitted to the competition may however be published and reproduced by the competition organizers.

Mode of Submission and Presentation
A not anonymous poster presentation of max. 2 A1 posters (594x841mm, horizontal or vertical) is to be submitted.
Please, provide all materials submitted with name, address, e-mail-address and telephone number of the submitter.
The handling of daylight is to be shown clearly using plans, photos, illustrations, textual explanations etc.
There are no specifications about the exactness of detail or number of illustrations.
The poster presentation should be submitted on paper as well as digitally (pdf) on CD.
Participants are free to choose further forms of illustration (models, video clips etc.) and to add them to the presentation.

Two winners will be determined from the submitted projects.

For the purposes of an international exchange of experiences in daylight planning AIR artist-in-residence study-visits for the duration of one month in 2015 are assigned to international participants.

The organization AIR artists-in-residence and ORTE, the architecture network of Lower Austria and Velux Austriaare providing the prizes which include:

Accommodation in studio apartments of AIR artist-in-residence Krems (for a max. of two representatives per each winning team) in close proximity to the town of Krems, the historic village of Stein and the Danube University Krems.

1,000 EURO grant for each study visitor, sponsored by AIR artist-in-residence Krems.
Travel costs from the winners’ residences to Krems and back, provided by the sponsors of the competition. The opportunity to use the Lightlab of the Department for Building and Environment at Danube University Krems throughout the month’s visit.

Prize winners from Austria will be invited to take part in the renowned, international symposium Daylight 2015 ( including arrival and departure as well as hotel accommodation (for a max. of two representatives per each winning team). This allows, to get to know the latest findings and research results in the field of daylight planning. In addition, there is the possibility of using the Lightlab of the Department for Building and Environment for the duration of one month.

Arch. Mag. Erich Bernard, BWM Architekten, Vienna
Arch. DI Dr. techn. Renate Hammer, MAS, Institute of Building Research & Innovation GmbH
Heinz Hackl, Velux Austria
Mag. Heidrun Schl?gl, ORTE Architecture Network Lower Austria
Ass.Prof. DI Dr. Anton Kottbauer, TU Wien

May 2014 Announcement and start of the competition
21st of August, 2014 Deadline for free registration, compulsory!
By e-mail stating name, address, e-mail-address, telephone number to:
1st of September, 2014 Deadline for submission
16th of September, 2014 Jury meeting

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